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    AWE Exhaust

    AWE Switchpath Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Quad BashGuards 2021-2023 Wrangler 392/6.4L

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    A dual 3” catback exhaust designed and engineered specifically for the big one. SwitchPath™ for the Wrangler 392 features a bespoke resonated H-pipe configured to enhance and amplify the rage of the 6.4L while keeping the inherent rasp in check. Tucked high, the exhaust transitions smoothly to the rear where it splits off into a tailored SwitchPath™ muffler complete with OE tier 1 valves to ensure 100% factory valve operation. Control the behavior at any time via the dash button, or let the ECU crack ‘em open when you reach the designated throttle input. Interior acoustics are sophisticated at every speed with SwitchPath –no drone, no funny business–just pure HEMI without the headache. BashGuard™ brings up the rear, providing over 3” of increased clearance compared to the factory exhaust while featuring a .125” thick reinforced stainless ring on each outlet tucked high out of reach even on the most drastic departure angles. Each SwitchPath Catback Exhaust comes with hanger locking collars to keep everything aligned so you can send it with confidence, and custom heat shielding to keep temps underwraps in the back. AWE’s Lifetime Warranty, Perfect Fitment Guarantee, and No CEL Guarantee come standard. Let’s rock.